Education for All Crowdsourcing Challenge

Together with our partners Nokia and UNESCO, the Pearson Foundation was proud to support the Education for All Crowdsourcing Challenge. The eight-month initiative aimed to collect and reward the best solutions to providing quality basic education for all children, youth and adults through the use of mobile technology. The Pearson Foundation invited you to accept the challenge and submit your best ideas for achieving Education for All.

About the Challenge

The Education for All Crowdsourcing Challenge was designed to enable people with similar interests to connect and collaborate on ideas to achieve the six Education for All goals. Crowdsourcing refers to an open call to solve complex problems by contributing relevant and fresh ideas through group collaboration. For this challenge, participants posted and voted for ideas, as well as contributed feedback and solutions via the Ideas Project online community, powered by Nokia.

The EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge allowed participants to:

  • Create ideas
  • Evolve current ideas to ensure they meet their potential
  • Learn from experts and one another
  • Find people with similar interests and areas of expertise
  • Be rewarded for the best ideas
  • Link people with needs, ideas and the skills to act on them

Each month featured a challenge focused on one EFA Goal:

  • Literacy
  • Universal Primary Education
  • Youth and Adult Learning Needs
  • Quality of Education
  • Gender Parity and Equality in Education
  • Early Childhood Care and Education

The Rewards

One Nokia smartphone prize was awarded each month to the best ideas recognized by the panel of judges. The best ideas was also promoted on UNESCO’s website to encourage the development of the ideas into concrete projects. In addition, the Pearson Foundation donate US$ 3,000 to each sub-challenge (EFA goal) winner and a library of children’s books worth US$ 3,000 to a non-profit organization in the country of each sub-challenge winner.