Plan Ceibal

plan-ceibal-logoThe government of Uruguay recognized the opportunities associated with bringing technology into the classroom and the importance of teaching students English as a second language. In order to provide the children of the country with an improved education, each student in the country’s public school system was provided with his or her own laptop as part of Uruguay’s Plan Ceibal, the nation’s implementation of the One Laptop Per Child program.

To assist and participate in this momentous commitment to public education, the Pearson Foundation developed and donated English for Fun, a language arts software program for English language learners. English for Fun software is specially calibrated to appeal to children between the ages of 4 and 10, and to appeal to their sensory learning styles through immersive, interactive games that incorporate audio and visual cues. Today more than 300,000 children – 100 percent of the students in Uruguay’s public schools – enjoy having their own laptops loaded with English for Fun software.