Young Scientists Tanzania

YS-tanzania-logoThe Pearson Foundation is a proud sponsor of Young Scientists Tanzania, a unique event in East Africa that provides a platform for young people from across Tanzania to showcase their scientific talents. Modeled on the internationally acclaimed Young Scientist exhibition in Ireland, which is now in its 50th year, and sponsored by the Pearson Foundation and Irish Aid, Young Scientists Tanzania will help to popularize science among young people through an engaging annual exhibition and competition in September 2013. Both schools and students are encouraged to participate in this landmark event.

The main objectives of YST are the promotion and popularization of science and technology; linking science and technology to active citizenship and the fight against poverty; and improving the teaching of the sciences. Participating schools are supported through workshops for teachers who receive mentoring and practical advice on suitable projects and research methodologies. Participating students themselves will generate the ideas for their projects based on the realities in their communities. Young Scientists Tanzania seeks to link participating schools with appropriate mentors from academia, NGOs and the private sector. Participating schools are also be supported financially for transport and accommodation to attend the exhibition in Dar es Salaam.

Young Scientists Tanzania will inspire and encourage schools to become actively involved, which in turn will lead to an improved science culture in the country. The experience of being part of Young Scientists Tanzania will influence participating students for many years to come.