Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Curriculum-Based Service Learning Program


A video introduction to the Roots & Shoots Curriculum-based Service Learning Program

 Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls. Imagine that the brick walls are all the problems we have inflicted on our planet. Hundreds of thousands of roots & shoots, hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, can break through these walls. We CAN change the world.

Welcome to Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots curriculum-based service learning program. Roots & Shoots encourages youth "of all ages" to make positive change happen―for the animal community, the human community, and for the environment―and in doing so to recognize how these three subject areas are intertwined and dependent upon each other to survive. With tens of thousands of people in 120 countries involved, Roots & Shoots members are identifying problems in their communities and taking action. Through service projects, youth-led campaigns, and an interactive website, Roots & Shoots members are making a difference across the globe.

The Roots & Shoots curriculum-based service learning program helps teachers educate students about the world outside of their own experiences, and shows them that they can make a positive impact in their community. The goal of this service learning program is to make it easier for educators to participate in Roots & Shoots, to connect students to Dr. Jane's positive messages, and most importantly to teach students the importance of giving to their community and develop within them a sense of empowerment that comes from helping others.

The Roots & Shoots service learning program introduces service projects in the context of a campaign, and the resources help you build awareness for, and communicate with your community about, your campaign.

The communication and community outreach aspects are important dimensions of service learning programs and incorporate different academic and life skills.

A Roots & Shoots campaign will engage students and create an ongoing Roots & Shoots program with multiple service projects that truly engage students as participants and leaders. This curriculum-based service learning program guides you through your Roots & Shoots campaign – and we expect that when the journey is through, you’ll have many ideas on how you can expand and improve on future campaigns.

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