Pennies for Peace Toolkit Materials

Thank you for your interest in Pennies for Peace, a program of Central Asia Institute. We are delighted that you and your students are joining us in your own Pennies for Peace campaign to bring cultural and philanthropic education to your school.

We hope you will find these Pennies for Peace materials useful in building your own bridge of peace.

Getting Started & Curriculum

The Getting Started & Implementation Guide introduces you to Pennies for Peace and provides you with helpful implementation steps, tools, and resources.

The curriculum is guided by themes designed to stimulate critical thinking in students. It is grouped into grade clusters K-4, 4-8, and 9-12 and is tied to national social studies, literacy, and mathematics standards.

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View the Pennies for Peace videos for inspiration and examples. The videos range in length from one to 12 minutes and are essential viewing for implementation of the Pennies for Peace campaign and curriculum.

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A printable map of Pakistan and Afghanistan is provided in different sizes. (Map copyright National Geographic Society. Used with permission.)

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Pennies for Peace photos can be printed and used to decorate your coin container, to create posters for your classroom, for reports, and as part of the activities in the Pennies for Peace curriculum.

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The sticker templates can be used to print stickers to decorate your penny containers and to give to students to acknowledge their participation in your Pennies for Peace campaign. The stickers can be printed on full sheet (8 1/2” x 11”) sticker or label paper such as Avery Labels 8165 and 3383, which can be purchased at most office supply stores.

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Many educators participating in Pennies for Peace use this printable postcard to communicate with students’, parents, relatives, and the community. The postcard should be printed on both sides of an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper and cut in half to produce two postcards.

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Implementation Tools

Template Letters to Congress – These sample letters to congress can be customized depending on the age of your students and to illustratethe unique qualities of your campaign and school.
» View the templates letters to congress

Template Letter to Parents – This sample letter can be used to communicate the details of your campaign with students, parents and the community.
» View the template letter to parents

Template Press Release – This sample press or news release can be customized by your school principal or district press representative or superintendent to illustrate the unique qualities of your campaign and attract media attention.
» View the template press release

Fact Sheets – To help you and your students better understand the people, politics, and culture of Central Asia, please view these fact sheets on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Girls Education.
» View the Pakistan fact sheet » View the Afghanistan fact sheet
» View the Girls Education fact sheet

Glossary – The Pennies for Peace Glossary includes many of the terms and Islamic vocabulary used in the book Three Cups of Tea.
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Book and Movie Reference List – The Pennies for Peace Book and Movie Reference List offers suggestions for young students, older students, as well as mature students – including picture books, folk tales, fiction, nonfiction, reference books, and suggested movies.
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